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    OpenSea Login is an online platform that allows you to convert money, as well as precious metals, into and out of different currencies at low exchange rates and with zero fees. As a bonus, you can also use your OpenSea balance to shop at over 130 retailers that accept the company’s virtual currency known as OpenSea points for the purchase of products and services. However, signing up for OpenSea can be confusing if you don’t know what information you need or what steps to take first.


    Step 1 - Create an account
    If you don’t already have an account on
    OpenSea Login, then create an account. It’s quick, easy, and free. The registration process requires that you confirm your email address. You can do so by entering a verification code which is sent to your email address or directly into OpenSea via SMS on your mobile phone. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication for added security. This step is optional but highly recommended as it will make it more difficult for someone else to access your account in case of loss or theft of your password. To set up 2FA, log in to your account and click on Settings (located at the top right corner of any page). Then click on Security Center followed by Two Factor Authentication. Follow these instructions to add either Google Authenticator or Authy (both apps are available for download from their respective app stores) depending on what type of device you are using.


    Step 2 - Get your bank details
    When you sign up for
    OpenSea Login, you’ll provide your bank details so that they can send money to your account. This is how you get paid for writing content! The bank details page looks like a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo at first glance, but don’t worry - it’s easy to find what you need. Just look for an Add Funding Source button in your dashboard and click it.
    Then in the next step- Link your bank account: You’ll be asked to enter some information about your bank account (like your Routing Number or Bank Account Number). After you enter all of that information, hit Continue. Then, OpenSea will verify that everything is correct by sending two small deposits into your bank account (one deposit will go into each checking/savings account). Once those deposits clear, you should see them appear on your dashboard as pending funds from OpenSea.


    Step 3 - Link your card
    Once you have an account on OpenSea Login, you can link your MasterCard or Visa by entering your card number manually or using a scanning feature to upload your card information. The account must be linked to a name before any crypto-assets can be deposited into it.
    Also, you can- Buy crypto with USD (or other fiat currency): After linking your bank account, you can buy crypto from within your
    OpenSea wallet in just a few clicks. Simply click on Buy and select which crypto asset you want to purchase. You will then be prompted to enter how much of that asset you want to buy (in USD) as well as where you want it sent (your wallet). Click confirm, and voila!


    Step 4 - Fund your account
    To fund your account through bank transfer (international wire transfers are free), log in to your OpenSea Login account and go to 'Get Funding.' Then, select 'Bank Transfer' in step 1. Enter your bank information into step 2, then wait for a response from their customer service team confirming receipt of funds. You have to allow up to 24 hours to them to process your order. Once you have received confirmation that they've received your payment, you will be able to exchange. If you need help completing your funding, you can contact their customer support team by clicking on Help at any time during the funding process.

    Then in the next step - Exchange currency: Go to your dashboard and click on Exchange under Your Account. Select an available currency pair based on what you want to buy or sell and enter how much money you want to convert or send.


    Step 5 - Your OpenSea Wallet is ready!
    Congratulations! You’ve just created your OpenSea Wallet! To start using your account, they need to confirm that you are a human being by verifying your mobile phone number. Click Verify Your Phone Number above. After you enter your phone number, an SMS code will be sent to you that you must enter on their website for verification. This process is a security feature designed to protect you and other users from fraudulent use of OpenSea services. Once you have verified your phone number, you can begin sending and receiving funds through OpenSea. Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for all pending transactions to clear before they appear in your wallet. They will look forward to having you as part of their community!


    OpenSea is an online platform that lets you exchange and spends different currencies from around the world, so it’s important to be able to log in as quickly and easily as possible. This quick
    OpenSea Login guide will get you up and running in no time!